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Taxi Driver Licensing

Applicants for a Taxi Driver's Licence must:
  • be at least 21 years of age
  • have held a current UK Driving Licence for at least 1 year
  • first sit and pass the Topographical Test

Topographical Test
  • multiple choice - 100 questions each with 4 possible answers
  • lasts 45 minutes
  • pass mark is 80%
  • tests are held monthly
  • fee to sit the test is £23
  • one passport-type photograph is required

Before sitting the test it is recommended that you attend the Taxi School run by Glasgow Taxis Limited (formerly the Glasgow Taxi Owners' Association). Their web site provides further information about the School.

If applying for a Renewal, the minimum period is two years.

Application fees for a Taxi Driver's Licence are as follows:

Valid for Fee

1 year/Temporary £67

2 years £119

3 years £161

Payment can be made by cash, cheque (in applicant’s name only) or postal order.

These fees are non-refundable. A temporary licence may be issued for a period not exceeding 6 weeks.

Applications should be lodged with the Licensing Section at the address below, together with:

  • appropriate fee
  • one recent passport size photograph
  • your current driving licence
  • photocard licences must be submitted with the paper counterpart

Please read the Guidance Notes before lodging your application for a Licence.

The following forms may be downloaded:

If you require further information or advice on completing your application form please contact:

Licensing Section

Room 29, 235 George Street


G1 1QZ

Phone: 0141 287 4811

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maria ha dit...

Fa bona pinta^-^.I tu compleixes tots els requisits de sobres.
Una abraçada.

sargantana ha dit...

i perque no??
pero el taxi te que esser aixis d'abigarrat?? jajajaj
no semble serios!
tinguens al corrent
petons !

ddriver ha dit...

Si, hauria de passar el test topografic i apa..
Doncs es molt serios

chamb ha dit...

jo igual també vinc..

Xitus ha dit...

cum'on, taxidriver, It could be a fuckin' great experience! Take me to Celtic Park, please!

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Ferran ha dit...

Osti, nen, com està el tema? T'hi estàs posant en sèrio??

nur ha dit...

Doncs potser és el moment de fer-ho, Xavi. I si hi vas, avisa (o munta la segona trobada blocaire a fora de Catalunya)! Molta sort en l'empresa :)

Mangas ha dit...

Muy bien,y si fueras, podrias contar en el blog las miles de anecdotas que seguro te pasarian.